project | YOU R HERE | PASTE UP 2012 - today

The original concept under the general title was based on drawings collectively titled “YOU R HERE”, which were posted at various locations in the old city of Nicosia, with the mostly humorous intention of guiding visitors and passers-by into the narrow streets of the walled city while capturing their YOU R HERE moment. Dinosaurs, cats, birds, variegated tropical leaves and… a family of Ancient Egyptians, among others, pop up unexpectedly as you turn a corner or go down a straight road. Too late! You have already been “trapped” into their space-time continuum. Paper is a transient, perishable material, vulnerable in front of any passer-by who can tear it off the wall or, at best, let it be worn out by time. With this in mind, in 2014 “YOU R HERE” evolved further into another dimension in space and time, through its incorporation into the “mapping the old city” project. Thus “YOU R HERE” and “mapping the old city” became indivisible bound.

|ACT ON YOUR REACTION| bring your scissors |27.01.2014


“Plinth” is a project that is handled by the fashion designer ‘Anna Apostolou’ and is hosted by the multi-purpose venue Π + Φ  in Nicosia.

During the weekends various artists and designers were invited to give the public the opportunity to get to know their work through various workshops or lectures. All workshops and lectures were open to the public and were free of charge. In this way, Anna tried to bring the public closer to the creative process so that they understand how an idea is born, how it evolves through the means you have and how it ends up in the market. Through this process, the buyer / consumer gets to know and acknowledges the “trouble” of the creator, which he may have previously been unaware of.