PASTE-UP | YOU R HERE | 2012 – today

The original concept under the general title was based on drawings collectively titled “YOU R HERE”, which were posted at various locations in the old city of Nicosia, with the mostly humorous intention of guiding visitors and passers-by into the narrow streets of the walled city while capturing their YOU R HERE moment. Dinosaurs, cats, birds, variegated tropical leaves and… a family of Ancient Egyptians, among others, pop up unexpectedly as you turn a corner or go down a straight road. Too late! You have already been “trapped” into their space-time continuum. Paper is a transient, perishable material, vulnerable in front of any passer-by who can tear it off the wall or, at best, let it be worn out by time. With this in mind, in 2014 “YOU R HERE” evolved further into another dimension in space and time, through its incorporation into the “mapping the old city” project. Thus “YOU R HERE” and “mapping the old city” became indivisible bound.