pOster: |KOITAME – QUITAME| 2008 – today

KOITAME – QUITAME, is an ongoing project which began in 2008.

The idea was formulated over the period of my two-year stay (2005-2007) in Spain, springing from my personal interest in learning the Spanish language. This particular learning process was quite easy for me, since through my daily contact with Spanish speakers I realised that there is great similarity between the sounds of several words in Greek (my native language) and Spanish. Starting from this personal observation, I began recording Spanish words and linking them phonetically and visually with similar sounding Greek words, regardless of any conceptual matching. The creative process was based on my own empirical reality of travelling-moving-relocating, as well as on the pairing of the two languages.

The result was KOITAME – QUITAME, a poster that gets to travel all over the world with your help. How? New people that I meet or people that I already know take this poster along to wherever it is that they are travelling, whether it is place they are unfamiliar with or their own hometown. The idea is for them to take a photo (or photos) of the poster at a landmark indicative of their location.